Retro Classic Style 6 Drawer - Black

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$379.00 USD
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Retro Classic Style 6 Drawer - Black

Retro Classic Style 6 Drawer - Black


Retro Classic Style 6 Drawer - Black



Main Color


Main Material

Particle Board




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Three-in-one wooden tenon link, thickened top plate, 15mm matte blister surface, 25mmPB double-paste triamine paper for four legs and top plate, 15mmPB double-paste triamine paper for the rest of the cabinet, 3MMMDF double-paste triamine paper for the back plate and the bottom, drawer Slide with Addams 350mm base slide,Black shell shaped handle; strong stability, beautiful grade,modern sense,Brand slide track, all hardwares are durable;In addition, its surface is smooth, waterproof, non-slippery and easy to keep clean.

Large drawer box design, can accommodate toys, clothing, magazines, red wine, bowl spoon and so on all can accommodate objects, the use of space is diverse, can be placed in the living room, bedroom, restaurant lamp position, very beautiful and generous;

This side cabinet has a clear installation instructions, which have direct illustrations and instructions. Each fitting and board has its own code that lets you easily understand the assembly process.



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